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Tele Radio  B.V.
Tiber 2, 2491 DH Den Haag
Tele Radio produces and sells universal and customized, wireless remote controls for industrial use. Established in 1955 in Sweden and worldplayer in the area of transmitters and receivers that contribute to a safer workspace. Our products are innovative, reliable and robust. Provided with the highest independent safety certifications. In case you are looking for the most reliable and safest wireless control, one opt for Tele Radio. For sure: STRONG, SMART and SAFE.

(Personal) service is very important for Tele Radio. Look at our 'contact' page to find out how you can get in contact with us, which social media we use for the latest product news. On the 'brochures' page you can view all our brochures and flyers on your screen or download them. Want to share your experiences with our company? Share them on the website You can find this page under the 'review' button. See also

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